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Have you registered for the Susan G. Komen Dallas Race for the Cure® yet? Don’t forget you only have a few more weeks to take advantage of the special $35 anniversary price! This price is only available thru September 1st. We don’t want you to miss out! 

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Teams Newsletter.png RACE TEAMS

You likely already have friends, coworkers and family members who are passionate supporters of the breast cancer cause. The Dallas Race is your chance to take action and show that you are all More Than Pink®! Form a team in honor or in memory of someone you know who has been impacted by breast cancer, or simply to help make a difference—TOGETHER.  

When you build a team of five or more members you will qualify for team rewards that you won’t want to miss out on. Let the recruiting begin! 


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Have you ever wanted to fundraise for Komen Dallas
County but aren’t sure where to start?  Fundraising for Komen Dallas
County is easy and it’s a breeze when you use our online fundraising

Would you like to ask your friends to donate to Komen Dallas
County in lieu of birthday/anniversary/wedding gifts?  Would you and your
coworkers or friends at school like to raise money?  Visit our Do It
Yourself fundraising webpage below to help get your fundraising project off the

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Targeted therapy has revolutionized breast cancer therapy — allowing doctors to tailor treatments to individual patients while reducing unwanted side effects. Targeted therapies work by attacking specific proteins that are needed for the tumor to grow. Unlike traditional chemotherapy, targeted therapies only attach to proteins that are unique to the tumor, allowing them to kill tumor cells while doing little harm to normal cells. But for women, targeted therapies can become ineffective as the tumor learns how to evade the drug. This phenomenon, called “acquired drug resistance,” is a common problem among targeted therapies and the worst fear of many patients. However, research by Komen-grantee Dr. Sabine Brouxhon has revealed a new target for therapy that may overcome drug resistance. 


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It is crucial that Senators continue to hear from you about your
concerns around the Better
Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA)
over the coming weeks as they decide
whether to support BCRA or any revisions made to it.  As currently
drafted, the legislation would have devastating effects on women and men who are currently battling breast cancer, or have in the past, as it is seen as a preexisting condition.

There is no indication that the revisions
under consideration would address these concerns.  We must continue the
push for affordable, quality health care. We can do this by attending town halls and other
events where Senators are over the Recess, calling Senators’ Washington offices
and speaking out on social media. 

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