Current Community Grants

2020-2021 Komen Dallas County Community Grant Recipients

Komen Dallas County is committed to reducing breast cancer mortality in our community. We have granted a total of $810,698 to eight local nonprofit organizations to provide breast health services for uninsured and under-insured people in Dallas County. Community Grantees are selected by an independent Review Panel through a competitive application and review process.

Asian Breast Health Outreach Project at Methodist Richardson Medical Center
Services Provided: Screening Mammograms, Diagnostic Services, Transportation, Education
Award Amount: $173,999.80
Title of Project: Asian Breast Health Outreach Project
Contact: 469-204-6888 |

ABHOP provides culturally appropriate breast health education and access to preventive breast care services for at-risk minority populations in our communities. The program addresses the linguistic, knowledge, cultural, and/or financial barriers that keep minority populations from taking preventive health care measures. Program’s dedicated staff speaks commonly spoken languages to navigate access to care with scheduling capability, registration assistance, on-site education, and systematic follow-up of exams until diagnosis is reached. ABHOP hopes to find cancer at earlier stages giving higher chances of survival. The program will provide one-on-one education, screening mammograms, diagnostic services, and transportation to appointments for uninsured and under-insured residents of Dallas County.

American Cancer Society
Services Provided: Transportation to treatment
Award Amount: $25,000
Title of Project: Transportation for Breast Cancer Patients
Contact: 1-800-227-2345 |

Transportation is a significant barrier to breast cancer patients’ compliance with treatment regimens. The financial burden of frequent travel can create disparities in access to care, especially for low income and minority patients (especially African Americans and Hispanics).Through our Transportation program, patients will receive free transportation to and from treatment related appointments. Patients will be uninsured or underinsured with no other means of transportation and have a breast cancer diagnosis. The program will increase access to care, decrease the financial burden of getting to and from treatment, and greatly improve quality of life for breast cancer patients undergoing treatment and their caregivers. The program provides free transportation for people going through breast cancer treatment to get to their appointments.

Alliance for Progress
Services Provided: Health Education
Award Amount: $25,000
Project Title: Viva!
Contact: 214-932-0636

Viva will reduce breast cancer mortality by addressing disparities, increasing access to quality and timely care, and improving outcomes through education. The project will utilize culturally competent community health workers to deliver breast health and breast services education to 100 Hispanic women, and also 100 African American women. Participants will be referred to mammography screening and other services and will be tracked to determine actions taken following education.
The program educates populations in the southern sector of Dallas on breast health and breast cancer.

Bridge Breast Network
Services Provided: Diagnostic Services, Treatment, Education, Patient Navigation
Amount: $175,000
Program Title: Bridging Breast Health Access in Dallas County
Contact: 214-821-3820 |

The Bridge Breast Network (BBN) strives to reduce the incidents of late-stage diagnosis and deaths from breast cancer by providing education, navigation and access to breast health services to underserved populations and areas. BBN collaborates with 300 medical providers and 200 community partners to provide Dallas County residents with services throughout the breast cancer continuum of care. BBN can provide complete breast cancer treatment for a woman with early stage diagnosis for approx. $20,000. Komen funding will allow BBN to provide breast/health education to 1,200 individuals, navigate 600 women to clinical services, provide 60 individuals with mammography services; and breast cancer treatment/survivorship services to 15 individuals.
Diagnostic services, treatment, and patient navigation for uninsured and underinsured residents of Dallas County.

Methodist Charlton Medical Center
Services Provided: Screening Mammograms, Diagnostic ServicesAmount: $106,120.81
Project Title: Providing High-Quality Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnostic Services Close to Home at Methodist Charlton Medical Center
Contact: 214-947-5490

Methodist Charlton Medical Center has been a vital resource for women in southwest Dallas County since it opened in 1975. With grant funding from Komen, Methodist Charlton would offer breast cancer screening and diagnostic services to uninsured or underinsured women seeking care in the communities of Cedar Hill, DeSoto Lancaster, Duncanville and southern Dallas, most of which align with Komen’s target service area. Methodist Charlton has a long history of serving these communities will remain committed to providing access to early breast cancer detection services that aim to decrease the rates of breast cancer mortality for women in these at-risk communities.
Screening mammograms and diagnostic services are provided to uninsured and under insured Dallas County Residents.

Methodist Dallas Medical Center
Services Provided: Screening Mammograms, Diagnostic Services, EducationAmount: $174,839.82
Project Title: Breast Cancer Detection Services for Underserved Women of Dallas County
Contact: 214-947-2901

Methodist Dallas aims to decrease breast cancer mortality by providing breast health education and breast cancer screening services at no cost to uninsured and under insured residents of Dallas County. Screening mammograms will be provided through mobile mammography with at least 60% of screening events occurring high risk areas. Diagnostic breast services such as diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds, fine-needle aspirations and biopsies will be provided to those who are experiencing a breast problem. Nurse navigation services will be offered to all participants through breast cancer survivor-ship. Education will be provided to address lack of overall knowledge and misconceptions of breast health.
Provides screening mammograms, diagnostic services, and educational outreach to the Dallas community.

Parkland Health and Hospitals
Services Provided: Diagnostic servicesProject Title: Breast Health Diagnostics
Amount: $100,000      
Contact: 214-266-3300 |

Parkland’s Breast Health Diagnostic Project addresses the breast health diagnosis needs of uninsured and under-insured women and men in Dallas County. The project will provide diagnostic services and procedures to Dallas County residents whose income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Services will be provided at the Parkland Comprehensive Breast Center at 5701 Maple Avenue. The targeted community includes Dallas County residents without access to affordable diagnostic breast health services. The objective is to serve 100 patients with 125 or more diagnostics or procedures. The resulting change expected is that the lives of these Dallas County residents will be saved by determining if they have breast cancer.

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