Daughterly Love

Genea Fane

If you ask a random group of people “who is your hero,” odds are you will get a large portion that answer “my mom.” Moms are often the heroes in our lives – giving selflessly to their families, sheltering us from harm, building us up when we are down.  But take a look at the Fane family, and it’s the mom naming her daughter a hero.

Marcella Fane was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, her daughter Genea’s senior year of high school. Even though Genea was in the throes of her senior year and juggling an after-school job, she stepped up when her mom needed her most.

“I was amazed that the child I raised had turned into a lady now taking care of me, all while continuing to finish her senior year,” Marcella said. “She fed me, changed my bandages and helped dress me every morning, afternoon and evening.”

Having moved to Dallas on their own, Marcella and Genea solely relied on each other to get by day to day. And now that Marcella was sick, Genea took responsibility for both of them. “We are all we got,” Marcella said. “But I learned through this that sometimes, that’s all you need.”

Marcella boasts that Genea not only became her caretaker, but that she became her strength through her breast cancer journey. “She did not cry,” Marcella said. “She rose to the occasion and became a fierce woman. She showed me what courage was.”

Thanks, in part, to Genea’s strength, Marcella has won her battle with breast cancer. She looks back on the journey as one that not only taught her about life, but also showed her the strength of her daughter and drew them closer as friends.

“I am forever grateful to her for her courage, love and selfless devotion to me during one of the scariest moments in my life,” Marcella said. “She is my rock and I am so proud of the woman she has become.”

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