More Than a Breast Surgeon

DrMaryBrian_websiteDr. Mary Brian specializes in breast surgery. Her accomplishments as a medical professional would impress even the most senior surgeons. However, it’s more than her skills as a surgeon that have made her an Everyday Hero in the eyes of her patients. It’s the relationship she forms with each woman she treats that make her a hero, as she plays an invaluable role in their journey of survival and recovery.

Dr. Brian’s nominator, Susan Thomsen, says Dr. Brian saved her life. “When I met with her after my diagnosis she presented me with my options. Right away, the tone of her voice and confidence in her demeanor was enough to help me make the decision to have a double mastectomy,” Susan said.

Dr. Brian not only had a hand in Susan’s battle with breast cancer, but also comforted her when Susan’s daughter Jennifer had a suspicious lump in her breast. “It is a tremendous blessing for both me and my family to be connected with such a wonderful person,” Susan said, “For me, just hearing her voice assures me that everything will be okay.”

Dr. Brian also treated Margaret Steele, an Everyday Hero honored this Race season for her battle with breast cancer. (Read Margaret’s story here.) Margaret said Dr. Brian’s patience and guidance throughout the process were fabulous. “She was able to adapt to my needs quickly. I’m a ‘just the facts’ type of person, which she accommodated all while maintaining a nurturing approach,” Margaret said.

Like both of these women, many would say that Dr. Brian is their “first stop” with any breast health concerns. Her quiet confidence and nurturing spirit have greatly impacted the lives around her, earning her the title “Everyday Hero.”

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