Hannah Ali, Volunteer

Help us celebrate Hannah during this 2020 Volunteer Appreciation Week. Her interview below talks about how she combined her collegiate experience with her love for non-profit work as an intern with Komen Dallas County.

When and why did you start volunteering with Komen Dallas County?

I started volunteering/interning at Komen Dallas County in June 2019, because I wanted to impact my local community. Many people in my life, including myself, have watched a friend or family member go through a cancer diagnosis. I felt that by volunteering at Komen Dallas County, I was helping people work through a cancer diagnosis by promoting early detection and resources for financial support. 

What drew you to the organization in 2019? Did you volunteer in any other capacities before that?

Having experience in working in healthcare, I felt really connected to the work done at Komen Dallas, especially the work being done to end disparities within Dallas County. I had also just finished my undergraduate education in which I focused my studies on nonprofit development and management. This was my first time working with Komen Dallas County directly but throughout high school I supported our “Think Pink” volleyball tournament benefitting Susan G. Komen. 

Tell us about a great memory you have from volunteering with Komen DCA?

Working on social media was my favorite memory from volunteering with Komen Dallas County. I loved getting to hear survivors and co-survivors share their stories. I also got to see first-hand what other Komen affiliates were doing in their local communities, which really put in perspective how big of an impact the organization makes in the world. 

We live in such a busy world and sometimes volunteer work is the first activity people sacrifice. All levels of contribution helps so many people in need though. What piece of advice would you give to someone who is struggling with their volunteer commitment with any organization?

Always remember that even the smallest amount of time you can give to an organization can make a huge impact. I remember in just an hour at Komen Dallas I could get a ton of small tasks done, which freed up a lot more time for staff and volunteers to tackle larger, more impactful tasks. Even if you show up and do a couple small things, you are helping push much bigger things along!

Hannah’s Last Day as an Intern