Nikki Jones, Breast Cancer Patient

My name is Nicole Jones but everyone calls me Nikki. I am 52, African American, and originally from Chicago’s south side. I moved to Dallas in July 2014 to work at the Urban One Radio stations 97.9 And 94.5. I had no family in Dallas but it was a great fit. 

October 22, 2019

That was the day I got diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and it started with me doing a self examination in late September and feeling a lump. The next day I called my primary doctor and they set up an X-ray and with that I was told to get an early mammogram (as my normal one was done in December).

I went to Solis for my mammogram and needed a diagnostic biopsy by October 11th. I knew something may be wrong and had to get my mind right. I decided to embrace whatever the results were. The wait felt like forever. In the past, I did annual mammograms and found out I did have a cyst that was benign. In 2018 nothing was not detected.

But that call on October 22nd was life changing. I called my closet friends and we went five deep to the actual consultation with breast specialist and got the details. I discovered I was in Stage III and the mass was at least 7cc. I would need chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Immediately, I just said I’m ready and by November 14th I started chemotherapy and joined cancer support groups.

My work family has helped me maintain low stress levels and staying in a positive head space. That’s the best medicine. Life will have it twists and turns, but I made up in my mind that I’m not letting this beat me and I had to beat it! I lost the hair and just got bigger earrings and longer lashes. I have, by talking it through, met wonderful people, even some survivors. I’ve learned so much from resources and received assistance I never thought possible!

Knowledge is power and there will be good and not so good days. I just know that I’m not alone. I smile for something everyday. I’m almost done with my fourth round of chemo and I’m ready for my mastectomy. I know soon I’ll be added to the list of survivors.

– Nikki Jones, Breast Cancer Patient