Volunteer Spotlight-Kathy Binkowski

What type of volunteer work do you do for Komen Dallas County?

My volunteer work has all been office work, from cutting flyers, organizing supplies, re-organizing t-shirts, assisting with computer work, before and after race, stuffing envelopes, working on mugs, preparing bows; anything needed to help the Affiliate staff in the office, with projects as needed.

How long have you been volunteering with Komen Dallas County?

I have been volunteering for a about a year.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering with Komen Dallas County? 

 Getting to meet and know other volunteers, and doing whatever is needed to help week to week.

What is the best part of being a Komen Volunteer?

Doing things that will help someone in need, and one day see a cure for cancer.

What does Komen Dallas County mean to you?

It’s our county, it is 5 staff members and countless volunteers,  making so many good things available to those in need, educating and helping everyone in Dallas County.

What have you learned through your experience? 

There are so many ways to help others, and Komen Dallas County offers so many ways to help those in need across the county. Volunteers play a vital role in the process.

 What would you share with others who are considering volunteering with Komen Dallas County?

Sign Up-now! Do what you can, whether it is health fairs, speaking events, or office work. Everyone who can help is needed, and you will work with a great group of volunteers, and a wonderful dedicated staff.